Lee Hoedl - Sunday, October 31, 2010 - Washington, D.C.

Since I began marathoning a number of years ago, I have always had my sights set on someday participating in the Marine Corps Marathon. That particular sight will hopefully be realized on October 31 of this year. I am presently registered and well into the final days of my marathon training for the 35th Annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.


Over the past several weeks of marathon training, I have offered up each mile - physically and mentally for those men and women who have served in our armed forces and their families who have sacrificed much so these men and women could serve in our nation's armed forces. And I will continue to offer up the final weeks and days of training for this same purpose.

In particular, when I toe the starting line of the 35th Annual Marine Corps Marathon (click on image below to see course map), I will be running the 26.2 miles in honor of the following men and women who have served and/or are serving in our nation's armed forces:


Leo J. Hoedl; United States Marine Corps

Richard D. Clarens; United States Navy

Daniel J. Hoedl; United States Navy

Richard B. Hoedl; United States Marine Corps

John Hoedl; United States Army

John Madick; United States Navy

Caleb Eames; United States Marine Corps

Thomas R. Hoedl; United States Marine Corps

Steven Hansen; United States Marine Corps

Amelia (Mick) Hoedl; United States Army

James Madick; United States Marine Corps

Claire Hoedl; United States Army

Norman Madick; United States Navy

Joe Madick; United States Army

Frank Madick; United States Marine Corps

David Williams; United States Marine Corps

Ben Polk; United States Marine Corps

Cody Scott; United States Marine Corps

David Walter; United States Marine Corps

Mary Lee Clarens; United States Air Force National Guard

Larry Sullivan; United States Marine Corps

Marvin Setness; United States Navy

Vern Porter; United States Army

Kathy Pals; United States Air Force

Michael Housch; United States Marine Corps

George L. Hiller; United States Navy

Lt Col John Augustine Kilcoin

Clark Frederick; United States Army

Bill Seranko; United States Army

Jack Stachnik; United States Air Force

Fred Von Canon; United States Navy

Anthony Von Canon; United States Army

Russell MacLachlan; United States Navy

Van Brinson; United States Marine Corps

Ryan Barendt; United States Marine Corps

Ole Knudson; United States Army

Richard Knudson; United States Air Force

Gary Frisbie; United States Marine Corps

Gene Frisbie

Leo Walz

Leonard St. Amour; United States Navy

Christa Andraschko; United States Army

John Brenden; United States Air Force

Jeff Brenden, United States Navy

CW4 John P. Stoll; United States Army

Jamie Jerome Pavek; Air Guard

Bernard Pavek; United States Navy

Lance Koenig; Army National Guard

R.A.(Gus) King; United States Marine Corps

Monroe J. Maness; United States Marine Corps

Alan Nathan; United States Army

Philip G. Slama; United States Marine Corps

Steven Scott; United States Air Force

Eric Plemel; United States Army

Msgr. Brian Donahue; United States Army

Robert Fiske; United States Navy

Albert Fiske, Sr; United States Navy

Albert Fiske, Jr; United States Navy

Squire Fiske; United States Air Force

Daniel Fiske; United States Marine Corps

Vern Pals, Sr; United States Navy

Vern Pals, Jr; United States Air Force

Lloyd Pals; United States Army

Donald Pals; United States Air Force

Lee Pals; United States Air Force

Alan Pals; United States Air Force

Jonathan Pals; United States Air Force

Bruce Nelson; United States Navy

"Hab" Haberman; United States Army

Charles Denton; United States Air Force

Glen DeCecco; United States Army

Richard Tardiff; United States Army

Ben Lohman, Sr; United States Marine Corps

Ben Lohman, Jr; United States Navy

Carol Lohman; United States Air Force

Hector Doblado United States Air Corp WWII

Ryan Puttbrese; United States Army

Johnny Wentz; United States Merchant Marine

John L. Corley; United States Air Force

Tim Corley; United States Army

Evan Sands; Army National Guard

Ken Hendrickson; United States Army

I will always remember the powerful words of my father, Capt. Leo Joseph Hoedl, USMC, who would remind me, "When you start something, you finish it..." A military officer of 24 years, he was the most dedicated person I have every known to put on the dress blues of the United States Marine Corps. He exemplified a life of "Semper Fi" (Always Faithful), whether it was through the jungles of Vietnam or through the hallways of our home. He was a man dedicated to cause and humbleness... and for him, I will wear his name (and all other names listed above) proudly on my running singlet during the 35th Annual Marine Corps Marathon.

Since I have been told that the Marine Corps Marathon is a very emotional and inspirational marathon (in terms of participants and race setting), I will be bring out the LEEcam once again. As I run the race route through our nation's capital of historic memorials and Arlington Cemetery, I will record and post a YouTube to share with you following the race, as a simple way of saying "thank you" for your prayers and support. [For an example of the LEEcam In Motion, click on the image above to view the LEEcam along the 2010 Disney World Marathon]

Thanks again so much for your inquiries and support. And blessings to all the men and women who must make veriy difficult decisions and sacrifices to keep our country, its citizens and our principles of justice and peace safe for one more day.







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