Tuesday, August 9, 2005

An unused life is an early death.

Allow me to repeat this opening line.

An unused life is an early death.

Brand new. Never been used. With all of its original features and "new" life smell. Sitting on the shelf in its original wrapping... gathering dust... Can there be anything possibly worse than an unused life?

Now, before we go any further, allow me to clear up a potential misunderstanding. The word is unused, not useless. There may be some who have come to value their life as useless, but in this case, I believe the author of the quote is referring to something different. Unused like a book whose binding has not been broken, whose pages are unturned and whose margins are unmarked. At its inception, a brand new unused book is a good thing; fresh words, thoughts and images. But ten years past its copyright date, an unused book simply becomes a paper weight and a dust collector. New life is a marvelous and magical moment, but an unused life into adulthood is an early death.

Imagine designing the most durable and powerful space shuttle this planet has ever seen. It can withstand all rigors of space and can travel miles beyond our comprehension. Its computers and memory banks are seemingly infinite and its purpose is to serve as a cosmic ambassador from earth to the galaxies. But, out of fear the shuttle may suffer unseen and unknown damage, we design it, build it, prepare it and then dry-dock it in a warehouse for safe keeping. Doesn't make any sense at all, does it?

It's my personal belief that we each were and are designed by the Grand Creator in a similar fashion and for a similar purpose. We have the abilities to withstand all the rigors that Life can toss our way. We have the capability to travel light years beyond our present imaginations and understandings. We were given great minds and hearts to soar through this life as a cosmic ambassador for the Grand Creator. But we, out of fear of the unknown and unseen, choose not to risk the launch and flight of our vessel... and we hide ourselves away in the dry-dock of our every day life.

My friend, we were designed for a specific purpose - similar to the unique message and story of a brand new unused book. Our life is a story meant to be shared and read. It is a novel, a life, that finds its greater worth in having its binding broken, its pages turned and its margins marked. It is the destiny for each of us and our responsibility to make sure that we understand the message stored within that book and the care for the payload stored within that shuttle's cargo bay.

What is your specific story, my friend? And how are you sharing it? What is your specific mission, my friend? And how are you reaching for the stars? Allow yourself to be "used" for the good of those around you and a world that remains waiting for your story. For shuttles unable to carry out their mission are quickly headed to the ship graveyard and books without any message at all quickly find their way to the back of garage sales.

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