Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today I share with you a simple, but reflective, anecdote...

A blacksmith worked at his forge, using his well-muscled arm to strike hearty blows on the hot bars of iron before him. His project was a great chain, the kind used to hold the anchor of a mighty ship. The blacksmith, although tired from the monotonous project, continued in his work faithfully and well. Every link was made of good metal, and all were soundly welded together. Months, then years, went by and the chain is completed. Shortly after, the elderly blacksmith died and was forgotten...

A ship set sail out to sea and on its voyage, it is engulfed by a raging storm. The captain ordered that the anchor be cast. Fierce winds and high waves threatened the vessel. The entire crew, and most of the passengers, knew their fate depended on whether the chain would hold their ship to the anchor. All through the dark night and raging storm the anchor held fast and at last, the storm abated. All aboard greeted the dawn with gladness and hymns of thanksgiving to God for their deliverance.

Does this particular anecdote have a hero? Of course. The one who wielded a simple hammer and anvil with skill and good conscience - steadily doing his work and riding out the waves of his own life to create the best he could for others.

How many more unsung heroes are out there? You might very well be one of those heroes too.

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