Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Most people live on the world, very few live in it.

So many of us file through this life like we're saving up our energy, love and belief for the next level in human existence. We walk on this planet, afraid to love and to care and to hurt and to ache and to wonder and to stand in awe and to kneel in reverence. We choose not to dirty ourselves with the darkest corners of human existence and at the same time, we deprive ourselves the chance for sprinklings of holy grace during those moments when "human meets Heaven."

To live in this world means to dive deep into the very depths of human frailty and despair; to be present for those within our life, to give hope, to raise spirits... to live in this world means to rocket to the stars of human hope and achievement; to believe in those within our life, to motivate, to encourage spirits...

Please note that living in this world does not mean that we are of this world. We are called to live in this world to prepare ourselves for the Grand Beyond. To walk on this world means to be void of connection and cause; to be impenetrable to emotion... to simply march to our grave.

The choice remains yours.

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