Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When my father was alive, many years ago it seems, he would say (paraphrased) on more than one occasion that our life - our journey - is a partnership between the human and the divine. We go about our day, living our life, but also depend on the divine to bless it and help it along; to guide that life toward greater purpose and fill in the gaps where human failing occurred.

My father would also say from time to time that we should wake each morning and say, "Okay, God, it's you and me together today," and at night, when we go to bed, we should say, "Okay, God, the world's all yours, I'm going to bed." The belief in the ultimate partnership.

I have a colleague who has a similar mantra about work. He believes that all humans are basically flawed. It's not bad, it's just fact and just part of our Nature. And with that "flawed"ness comes failing and error - it's just an inevitable aspect of our journey. Because of this aspect, he will state that we need to do our best in all our efforts and when we're done with our work, our project, our responsibilities, we must "take time to cover our work in prayer." It is what I have come to personally refer to as my own acronoym:

A. S. K.

When we are done with our work, our project and our responsibilities, we need to Acknowledge that there remains inherent human flaws and errors in all that we do. Our best does not imply perfection, simply our most determined and true attempt. And in the acknowledgement of this inherent human flaw, we must also acknowledge the genuine and sublime power and influence of the Grand Creator. And it is this Creator who will bless our simple work and use it for grander purposes. As the quote states, "God does not call on the qualified; God qualifies those that are called."

When we are done with our work, our project and our responsibilities, we need to Say what is in our heart and our mind. In our own words, thank all that were involved in assisting us in our work - including, amd most importantly, the Grand Creator. To say thanks is another form of acknowledgement that we are not alone in our work.

And finally, we are done with our work, our project and our responsibilities, we need to just be still and Know that all is well. We need to sit back and know that the Grand Creator has it all well in hand. We need to sit back and know that our mistakes are not fatal and our life is not futile. And we need to sit back and know that we have done our best today toward our family and friends and colleagues.

It is in this mindset that we come to and leave our work as a gift. We A.S.K. God to accept our gift and in doing so, we have covered our work in prayer - somewhat like wrapping paper on a special gift.

But in this case, the true gift may not be in the internal box but may very well be found in the wrapping... in the

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