Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yes, there remains mindless research always being conducted. Did you know that research has actually been conducted that concerns stressful situations in ongoing relationships? And what do you think falls in the top three stressful situations? Finances? Children? Work demands? Finances again? You'll never believe it...

The top three ranked (in no particular order) most stressful situations in an ongoing relationship are:

  • Hanging lights on a Christmas tree
  • Teaching your mate how to drive
  • Wallpapering together

I told you wouldn't believe it. But as I've been told by a saged mentor at various times, "If these are the worst situations to besiege a relationship, then things aren't that bad at all."

Perhaps it's simply part of our chemical make-up to focus on the more minute and non-consequential frustrations of our life. Is it possibly because we are anal-retentive at our core? My best guess is that it may very well be an essential part of our blueprint by the Grand Designer.

We find ourselves walking through Life with monumental decisions and challenges, all the while nurturing relationships, raising children, and advancing humankind through it all. And we still tend to focus on the toilet seat being left up, the dust bunnies in the corner and the arrangement of the Christmas lights on the tree. Perhaps it's a fail-safe switch by the Grand Designer to remind us from time to time that our present moment, our present situation, is not that bad. A reminder that Life is much grander and larger than one person, any one moment, and any one life form. If true, what a nice reminder...

So, when you find those minute and non-consequential frustrations start to rise within you next time, don't chalk it up to faulty wiring. Perhaps it's "all systems go" after all.

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