Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It wasn't that long ago that you and I were running through our yards as children, playing all sorts of superhero/adventure games. And all the while we were chasing the bad guys, rescuing those in distress or playing house, we were humming some sort of soundtrack. It might have been, "Nana nana nana nana, Batman!" or the opening soundtrack to STAR WARS, complete with light saber sound effects ("Vsshhh! Vsshh!) or simply, the alphabet song.

We would entertain our parents and friends with magic shows, skits and personal tricks and usually conclude it with a simply sung "Ta-da!"

When I would run cross country in high school, I would develop a rhythmic gait over the miles and sure enough, a song would enter into my head to match that gait. And the song was there until I finished my run.

How often have you been walking through a crowded public place such as a mall and, over the din of the crowd, a faint song played over the sound system and caught your attention? Most likely, the song was in your head for the next hour.

Soundtracks. It is inescapable to watch a movie, television show, cartoon or commercial without a soundtrack of some sort. Add to that phenomena, the current growing trend of Ipod use and the ongoing soundtracks around us is inescapable. But it's not at all too surprising that our physical world would begin to mirror our internal world...

It is medically documented fact that the human heart actually speeds up and slows down - even while we're sitting - to the tempo of the music to which we are listening. It is also anthropologically documented that other than our physical senses, emotions and sexuality, music is also a common link between all cultures.

Soundtracks. We each personally have one; a rhythm and beat that plays to the backdrop of all we do. Music and lyrics that change with our moods and journeys. Songs that inspire and remind us of who we are. For some, their soundtrack is subtle, almost silent. For some, their soundtrack is dynamic and overwhelming. For each, it is a different rhythm and rhyme; guiding us and shaping us, following us and being shaped by us. The ultimate question still remains for each of us: What is our particular soundtrack?

Is your soundtrack that of a grand adventure, motivating you beyond each challenge and obstacle? Is your soundtrack that of a horror saga, cautioning of the constant precarious nature of Life? Is your soundtrack that of an epic journey, celebrating the journey that lies ahead? Or is your soundtrack that of a love relationship, appreciating the deeper aspect of all of Life? Or is it possibly a combination of all of the above?

Listen carefully, my friend, and you will hear the subtle strains of your soundtrack. It keeps careful rhythm to the tempo of your heart, speeding and slowing your gait through Life. Find it, listen to its message, shape its message; dance to it down Life's pathways and then allow it to celebrate you Home...