Friday, March 24, 2006

There is a feeling of exhiliration within when you witness your own flesh and blood beginning to understand and interact with the world around them. They begin to realize that there are actions and reactions; there are causes and effects. And also there is obviously more about Life than just what meets the eye.

On this particular day, I found myself teaching Emily, Hannah and Nicholas the very basics of human anatomy; specifically, where their heart was located and how to feel it beating.

About an hour after this initial instruction, Emily approached me, with her hand over her chest, and said, "Know what that is, Daddy? That's my heart talking to me."

Although Emily didn't fully understand what she had said, what a wonderful insight on her part. That's my heart talking to me. There is obviously more about Life than just what meets the eye... even below the skin and beyond the heartbeat.

My friend, we find ourselves on a daily journey that either seems like the blink of an eye or the length of a millennium. Ever notice that two days can look identical, in terms of responsibilities and tasks, but their length can be so different - depending on the heart we are bringing into our day.

Every day, in all situations and circumstances, our heart is talking to us. Through our emotions, thoughts, actions, and conscience, our heart is reminding us of what we value, what we treasure, what we are sacrificing and what we are capable of losing. As subtle as our own physical heartbeat, if we quiet ourselves enough we will feel it talking to us, beating out its message in our daily living. It has its own rhythm and beat - its own heartsong.

The two times when we feel our own physical heartbeat is at our moments of quiet rest/reflection and our moments of greatest physical stress. It is often the same for our own heartsong; its message clearly heard and felt during our moments of rest/reflection and our moments of stress.

What is that particular heartsong singing and saying to you today, my friend? There is obviously more about Life than just what meets the eye. And it's just below the surface of our daily activities, pounding out its message for anyone able to hear it.