Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where God guides, He provides.

Not that long ago I stumbled upon this billboard phrase; a phrase I had forgotten some time ago and a phrase that could not be more timely.

We all wake up some mornings to find our world has changed around us. Life's challenges, disasters and detours send us into uncharted waters and unknown lands. We believe we have no map, no supplies, no specific mission and no destination. But we also know from past experience, that is simply not true. For where God has guided, He has also provided.

Bear in mind that the word used is "provides." What we need, where we need it, and when we need it. It will be there. But that doesn't mean we'll bring home the Powerball lottery bonanza tomorrow or find ourselves adorned with fame and celebrity status. Just what we need, where we need it and when we need it.

You may find that the reward for being faithful to the call and following the detour or facing the challenge is not monetary or fame, but simply the journey itself. A newly learned skill, a fresher perspective, a wiser heart - the reward that is provided when you go where you're guided.