Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's just a simple matter of physics. Did you know that the red color of a strawberry is because the strawberry reflects, rather than absorbs, that particular color? It's the same principle and consistency with all colors and objects in our known solar system. Ah, consistency...

I believe it was my father that would tell me, "When a person is rude and hateful to others, it is also a reflection of how they treat and care about themselves." At the same time, he would then warn me about making a snap judgment about another person when they were rude to me as "you may never understand how difficult their journey is at that moment."

From within through without our universe, the practices appear to act in unison: Electrons repelling, absorbing and colliding with other electrons; people repelling, absorbing and colliding with others in relationships; planets and cosmic satellites repelling, absorbing and colliding with each other... again, the consistency remains. We find ourselves as active players in this game; repelling, absorbing and colliding with all the good, bad and indifferent circumstances and events in our life.

Perhaps we find ourselves as well reflecting (as my father would theorize) back to the world all the circumstances we can't absorb and keep inside any longer. Whether it's too much sadness or too much happiness, it reflects back out to others.

The questions for today remain:

  • If people had to select a color to describe you today, what color would it be?
  • And why do you think they would select that color?
  • And just as important, what color do you think you reflect on a daily basis?