Journeys and Treks to Motivate the Human Spirit
2011 Disney Princess Half-Marathon
2011 Goofy Race-n-Half Challenge (Disney World)
2010 Marine Corps Marathon
2010 Great River Relay (Winona to St. Paul)
2010 Mt. Rainier Training Seminar
2010 Roosevelt-Glacier-Craters-Yellowstone-Rushmore
2010 Goofy Race-n-Half Challenge (Disney World)
2009 Summit Attempts of Cotopaxi/Cayambe (Ecuador)
2009 Miles for Miracles Team Boston (Boston Marathon)
2009 Goofy Race-n-Half Challenge (Disney World)
2008 Great River Relay (206-Mile Non-Stop Team Relay)
2008 Goofy Race-N-Half Challenge (Disney World)
2007 Death Valley Marathon
2007 Great River Relay (215-Mile Non-Stop Team Relay)
2007 Grandma's Marathon Extravaganza
2007 Wild Miles Relay

2007 Goofy Race-N-Half-Challenge (Disney World)

2006 Great River Relay

2006 Mt. Rainier-Olympic-Redwood National Parks

2006 Mt. Rainier Summit Climb
2006 Wild Miles Relay
2005 Mt. Rainier Summit Climb
2004 Death Valley/Mt. Whitney "Bike-n-Hike
2003 Yosemite National Park/Half Dome Summit
2002 Grand Canyon National Park
2001 Hike on the Continental Divide (Powerpoint)
2001 Yellowstone National Park
Eco/Adventure/Nature News
05.11.08 - Olympic torch reaches Everest summit
05.02.08 - Climbers wait at Everest advanced base camp

04.21.08 - Soldiers authorized to shoot Olympic protesters

03.21.08 - Artic ice cap at risk: NASA states
03.17.08 - Everest climbers prepare for ban
03.14.08 - China closes Everest to keep protesters at bay
11.15.07 - NASA monitors disease outbreaks
11.14.07 - China Mobile sets up on Mt Everest
11.12.07 - To climb a mountain, look into your genes
10.07.07 - New GSM base station to be built on Everest
09.25.07 - Nepal to keep nudes off Everest
09.20.07 - China plots Olympic torch's final route
08.13.07 - Man "extreme" irons atop Mount Fuji
08.05.07 - Lake Superior changes mystify scientists
07.29.07 - Planned road up Everest faces hurdles
07.27.07 - Plans put on hold for highway/Olympic torch
07.13.07 - China attempts Olympic Torch on Everest
06.06.07 - Climbers to recreate Mallory's Everest attempt

Mt. Rainier Summit in August 2006; Lee Hoedl and Dan Gueldner

Climbing team within the rim of Mt. Rainier; Chuck Fabijanic, Dan Gueldner, Alex, Vladimir, and Lee Hoedl

Standing on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon; Lee Hoedl; SOLUS: Hoedl's Haven