Nepal to keep nudes off Everest

KATHMANDU (AFP) - Mountaineering authorities in Nepal say they are fed up with nudity on Mount Everest and are taking measures to put an end to "disrepectful" stunts on the world's highest peak.

"People taking their clothes off and so on -- these kind of things we are trying to stop," said Ang Tsering Sherpa, the head of Nepal's official mountaineering body which issues climbing permits.

Last year a local climber sparked outrage after he claimed the world's highest display of nudity when he stripped and stood naked for several minutes on the 8,848-metre (29,198-foot) summit.

And earlier this year, a Dutchman attempted to set a bizarre record by being the first to scale the peak while wearing only shorts.

The joke among many Nepali mountaineers now is that the only record left to be set on the mountain is giving birth at the summit.

"It's disrepectful -- the mountains are sacred, they are part of our religion," the Nepal Mountaineering Association president told AFP.

"So if people want to set a world record, they have to inform us first."

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