Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"...The secret to tomorrow is living your dreams today..."

Following on yesterday's theme, I am reminded of a wonderful song (Remember the Magic) that I heard in passing while at Disneyworld this past year. I enjoyed it so much so that I had to search the entire park, high and low, to find a CD that contained that song. And within that song, is the line which is printed above. Now, I admit that it may be cheesy, but before you write it off, I would invite you to think about this...

Living your dream does not automatically mean achieving your dream. "Living your dream" is the careful and intentional living of your dream - step by step - in your every day life. It is that passion for your life that you hold most dear in your heart... and allowing it to blossom gradually. Living your dream does not mean that you may ever fully attain your dream... and that's okay. All that matters is that you are faithful to its purpose and end result... and move closer toward that dream with all the energy and determination you have inside. That, my friend, is the secret of tomorrow.

Your choice to live your dream - in very small and intentional steps - sets into motion the horizon and outcome of all your tomorrows.

A different dream was placed inside each of us by the Grand Designer - hoping that our free will would eventually discover that dream and allow it to blossom and grow.

At this point in your life, my friend, you already know what that dream, that passion, is for your life. So, why are you waiting for tomorrow to unfold with endless possibilities for your life? Make them available by living your dream - your passion, your mission - today... and tomorrow will be ultimately decided.

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