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Whether you are a veteran or "newbie" Disney runner, by now you've probably been visiting and revisiting the runDisney homepage to reacquaint yourself with the Countdown Clock. And with each visit, you may subtlely notice your heart rate increase, your blood pressure rise just a little more and your overall anxiousness increase... Don't worry, friend. This is quite normal and you most likely will feel this way until you are at WDW and are walking to your starting corral.

What is also quite normal is for each of us enjoy the holidays, put in our training miles... and procrastinate in our packing... which, whether you realize it or not, also adds to a runner's anxiety.

Do you want to reduce your stress/anxiety bit by bit prior to race day? Consider packing NOW... well, maybe not this very day, but in the near future. Remember, that a a goal without a date is simply a dream and luggage without a list becomes a cause for indigestion. So let's get started!

It's time to make your list (of "running" luggage and "relaxing" luggage) and check it twice, and double check to see if it's the right size. I can't help you with your "relaxing" luggage (i.e. vacation clothes, flip flops, and casuals), but I can help you with your checklist for your "running" luggage. Feel free to click here, print out my sample checklist and add any additional items you might consider. Post any items you think I may have missed or would be handy to this thread.

Pull out your running luggage (duffle bag) and check off each item as it finds its way into your bag:


Trust me, you will thank yourself for beginning this process early. The beauty of running clothes/supplies is that they are very compactible. This is important because you will want to bring your "running" luggage as one of your carry-ons on your plane. This will ensure that you will have what you need at WDW, in case any of your other luggage ends up in Denver.

Finally, packing and patience (and relaxation) go hand in hand. The earlier you pack, the more patient and relaxed you will be as you prepare to head to WDW. Keep this simple list in mind:


Post Note: It's always helpful to throw in an alarm clock (battery operated) in your running luggage as well. Pack away, Disney friends!