Thursday, February 17, 2005

According to researchers at Russia's Academy of Medical Sciences, shedding tears actually speeds up the healing process. Rats (with skin wounds) that were given eye irritants to induce crying healed more quickly and formed scar tissue up to twelve days sooner than those in a control group. Rats which had had their tear glands removed actually had their wounds reopen. Healing chemicals are thought to be secreted through tear glands and carried through the bloodstream...

Tears. The majority of which are similar to the chemical make-up of saltwater. It still amazes me how similar we are to Nature... It begins within our oceans. Barometric systems cause massive evaporation. Cloud formations occur. Rain showers occur... And so it begins with our life. We sweat and labor. We toil and journey. Cloud formations occur in our life, my friend. And then, the rain must fall. It is inevitable. It is necessary. It is natural. It is healing.

If there is to be moments of joy and peace, there must be moments of grieving. It is the complete cycle of Life - from our oceans and then back to our oceans. It's one of the main ways in which healing does and will occur.

Rain showers will and must occur. And tears will and must occur as well. So feel free to watch a sentimental movie and shed a tear. Feel free to feel exactly what you feel and shed a tear. Let your healing begin and continue...

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