Thursday, February 24, 2005

Is it your birthday today?

Is it your birthday this month? No?

Then what about this year? Silly question.

Most likely - if you're breathing - then you'll be celebrating a birthday this year. And did you know that you share your birthday with at least nine million other people around the world? At least NINE MILLION others. Not all born in the same year, but on the same calendar day. That's a lot of candles on one cake!

My father would often say that we (humans) today cannot engage in a sin that has not already been thought up and engaged in by another before us. In a similar fashion, there is probably not a worry or concern occupying your heart today that someone else hasn't already struggled with or isn't struggling with at this very moment. Does it make your concern or worry any less burdensome? Maybe not, but there is some small comfort in knowing that you're not alone in your life and your journey.

Perhaps what is needed is centralized coffee shops in targeted areas across all countries. Plagued with a worry or problem? Send out a general email to the coffee shop on-line forum. Identify others with like worries and problems and go share your thoughts and ideas at these centralized coffee shops with these people - gain some sympathy or some insight... okay, that may be a very oversimplified method to address any situation.

But take a moment to realize that a large but silent sea of others are going through your similar situation and challenge today - connect with that humanity. And say a prayer that they may come up with a better answer or strategy that is facing you right now. Perhaps someone, somewhere, will be doing the same for you.

There are nine million that share your birthday and it is very likely there are that many that share your concerns today. There will also be a little less than 9 million that will also share your last day on earth. The only difference between you and that 9 million - and what makes you unique - is the manner in which you live out those concerns and that journey you each find yourself on...

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