June 17-18, 2002

Examining the Artist's Signature

The Hoedl-Fabijanic Expedition

There is a wonderful old legend that on the seventh day, after God created the heavens and the Earth, He chose - as any great artist would do - to sign His handiwork. Sticking His finger into the common clay of earth, He quickly signed his name... which is now known as the Grand Canyon.

It is projected that there are about 5 million visitors to the Grand Canyon each year. Of those 5 million, only 5% (approximately 250,000) actually venture down into the Canyon. Of those 250,000, only 10% (approximately 25,000) reach the Lower Gorge/Canyon Floor - and Lee Hoedl and Chuck Fabijanic were 2 of those 25,000 persons in 2002.


Views of and Within the Grand Canyon

Family Photos at the Grand Canyon

  South Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails
  17.0 Miles Round Trip; Each individual step into the Grand Canyon takes one back in time by 60,000 years!
  6860 feet at the Bright Angel Trailhead
  2480 feet at the Colorado River

Upper South Rim Average High: 81

Upper South Rim Average Low: 47

Lower Gorge Average High: 120

Lower Gorge Average Low: 97


Monday, June 17

Sunrise - Depart South Rim on the South Kaibab at 5:00 am

Reach Canyon Floor at 9:00 am; Explore Phantom Ranch, additional trails and the Colorado River basin

Evening - Campfire dinner of Beef Stew at Phantom Ranch Canteen

Tuesday, June 18

Sunrise - Depart Phantom Ranch at 4:30 am

Mid Morning - Reach Indian Garden by 7:00 am

Midday - Reach South Rim at 11:30 am

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