JESSIE: The Wait of the Wood (2006)


"Love it, love it! That is one of my favorite folk tales of all time. Your twist makes it that much more meaningful and enjoyable. The descriptions of Jesse as he passes through the stages of his ‘life’ are certainly liken to the changes we all undergo as we walk through our years on this earth. Thanks for sharing it. It made my day!"

- - - - -

"What a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our own personal purpose and meaning in life. It is the most important element of our journey and one that often goes unappreciated and undiscovered..."

- - - - -

"We love the story of the 3 trees and you have added such richness to it. I love the reflection section in the end."

- - - - -

" it speaks to the promise and possibilities God has planted in each one of us. It is such a perfect fit to our mission..."


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