I Have Just The Gift For You (2004)


"This book clearly articulates everything that I've wanted to say to my family, children and friends for the longest time. What a wonderful gift to give others! When my days become hectic and chaotic, this story has a wonderful way of bringing me back to what's important in life. When life gets crazy, I have just the gift for me!"

- - - - -

"What parent hasn't wanted to find Just the Right Gift for their child? This book is a beautifully written journey through a parent's eyes...it puts into words what we truly desire for our children. The author captures the heartfelt yearnings of a parent to do and be and give the best to their child. The illustrations simply made my heart smile. When I purchased this book it was actually for an adult friend whose father had just died...it was a wonderfully unique way for her to reflect back on the things her father gave to her... What a lovely book to share with family and friends. I highly recommend it."

- - - - -

"...it is a beautiful story, well written, and it speaks from a parent's heart---the heart of all parents..."

- - - - -

"What a wonderful, tender, inspirational book. I must share this book with my children, grandchildren and mother. This is a book for all generations. I love books that inspire me and stir my emotions. I immediately shared this book with fellow workers, who were moved like I was."


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