Monday, January 10, 2004

WE'RE ALL TERMINAL. Some of us are just lucky enough to know it.

Life is a spiritual journey. And sometimes all you have to do is show up and have a little faith that something completely amazing is possible any day.

And every now and then, right when you least expect it, something amazing does happen.

And you are no more in control than a feather is of the wind. All you know is that the force moving you is so strong that you just hang on in wonder.

There is nothing bu the moment and a sense of dancing with angels.


I recently ran across this anonymous and brief reflection that I wanted so much to share with you today. My two favorite phrases in the entire reflection are:

"... show up and have a little faith..."

In my feeble and limited human understanding, I sometimes believe that this is just what the Creator wants us to do. For each of us to show up each day - be present, be aware of this moment and not yesterday or tomorrow. Focused solely on what is occurring in our life right now. Perhaps if we did so, we may find that having "a little faith" is all that is needed; faith that good will come of the present moment without trying to predict the advancing future or analyze the fading pass. And not a lot of faith - but a little faith; probably all we are capable of - that of a mustard seed.

"... you just hang on in wonder..."

Many of us probably a good portion of our week just doing this, but it is more like "... hang on and wAnder..."; lost and searching in our own little world. Again, I have this limited and innocent belief that the Creator wants us to stop searching and start realizing that we are already found. And not to wonder where the next meal is coming from or why "acts of God" exist, but rather wonder at where our next act of kindness and grace will occur. To wonder at all the mystery and majesty that is God. And in that wondering and amazement, there can only be a greater appreciation for a little faith.

Perhaps both phrases could be combined as a daily mantra:

Creator, please help me to simply show up and then hang on each day;

Brimming with wonder and filling with faith.

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