Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"I'm beginning to suspect that the moment we have been waiting for, doesn't require waiting. And the things we'll remember, won't be things at all..."
- Author Unknown

We are cautious creatures of this universe and Life, to be sure. We often times check the water before diving in. We search for those golden "second opinions" whenever possible. We get three strikes in order to wait for just the right pitch. We read the label more than once and we'll check the Weather Channel and local newspaper for up-to-date forecasts... just to be sure.

Perhaps that very cautiousness is genetically encoded into our very making. Perhaps it is the evolution of a primal instinct that has been honed for centuries. Either way, cautiousness is part of our being. On the other hand...

Air and space flight would not have been completely possible without first stepping out the front door into the great unknown. Medical advancement would not have progressed as far as it had today without experimenting a little without an instruction manual. Human achievement would not have occurred as fully as it has to date without individuals often times working without a safety net. And humankind wouldn't have flourished as greatly as it has without taking a chance on love.

Rarely, my friend, does the perfect pitch come right down the center, at just the right rotation and speed. Thus, the inventions of the "batter's box" and "strike zone;" areas designed so that batters wouldn't have to wait so long for that rarely thrown perfect pitch. At the same time, the three-strike rule has aided in helping batters get the bat off their shoulder and swing away; taking a chance on that not-so-perfect pitch. And the same can be said about Life.

The moments we are waiting for rarely come along as we envisioned them; their disguised as deviated opportunities, challenges, detours, crossroads and surprises. And they come often in our days - we just have to be watching for them to enter our strike zone. Often times, we have to take a chance and come out swinging - no instruction manual, no crystal clear vision and no safety net.

And as for the things we will remember about our life? They will be these very moments and individuals that were disguised as opportunities, challenges, detours, crossroads and surprises. If you are married, you probably now realize that the person sitting across the dining room table is not the one you envisioned years ago as your ideal mate. In fact, they are most likely better. And it is he/she that you will remember for all your days. That's how love is - no instruction manual, no crystal clear vision and no safety net... just a blessing wrapped up and disguised, waiting to be discovered and cherished.

As in baseball, there often times is no advanced notice as to the pitches that will be entering our strike zone on a daily basis. We get what we get, and live within the three-strike rule while swinging away. The only difference with Life is that the Pitcher wants you to hit a homerun each time you step up to the plate. So don't always wait for the perfect moment, perfect situation and perfect relationship. Reach a little in your strike zone, take a chance and send it out of the park each time. When you do, it will be a moment you will remember all of your days.

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