Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"...that whisper in my heart that tells me I can when I think I can't..."

It's there in all of us. It's simply a whisper. Not a bullhorn or raging wind. But simply a whisper.

World-class athletes must hear it. Entrepreneurs somehow hear it. Those ordinary folks achieving extraordinary results must hear its echo as well... simply a whisper...

What a wonderful gift for a parent to give their child: the predisposition to hear that whisper already instilled within them. From the time they begin crawling, to encourage them every step of the way: "You can do it. You can do it..." Through grade school, high school and beyond; "You can do it!"

However, if you didn't experience a similar journey, don't worry. That whisper is still there. It's always been there, my friend. It may be very faint, but it's there nonetheless.

Just stop what you're doing right now and listen... quiet yourself... can you hear it? Reflect back on your recent experiences...

The last time you were facing a seemingly impossible task and it whispered confidently, "You can do it."

The last time you were facing a moment of personal doubt and you took a leap of faith, while it whispered supportively, "You can do it."

The last time you were about to choose a direction that was counter to so many others' path and it whispered encouragingly, "You can do it."

In so many of Life's situations, far beyond the starting line and the din of the cheering crowd, you find yourself eventually out there on your own... where it's just you and the race, where it's just you and your own personal will... and the race continues on...

The origin of the whisper? That is for you to decide. But know this: all along Life's journey I would rather have the support of that faint whisper than all the cheering crowds of the world. Crowds can be fickle, but when you continue to listen to that Whisper, the "can't dos" will most assuredly fade along with the din of that fickled crowd.

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