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Wednesday, August 9 - Newport, OR to Crescent City, CA

The group visited the Sea Lion Caves just south of Newport, OR

A group photo at the Sea Lion Caves

Abby enjoying the local wildlife

Having lunch at the Sand Dunes of Oregon

Lee sets out for a "short" hik on the Sand Dunes

Chuck encounters surprises on the Sand Dunes

One last view of the Oregon coast before entering California

Di and Julie celebrating at the Harbor View Grotto

A few moments on the California shoreline before sunset

A few moments on the California shoreline before sunset

Julie and Chuck try to stay warm in the brisk surf air


Tuesday, August 8 - Ocean Shores, WA to Newport, OR

After being car sick, Nicholas wanted to drive for awhile

A view of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

Group lunch at Cannon Beach

Leo making a "sand angel"

Hannah and Emily enjoying the surf

Abby, Leo and Julia jumping into the tide

Leo, Abby, Julia and PJ

A visit to the Tillamook Cheese Visitor's Center

Chuck and Lee visit Debbie D's Smoked Jerky and Sausage Factory

Chuck lifts a blimp at the Tillamook Air Museum

A view from the group's hotel in Newport, OR


Monday, August 7 - Forks, WA to Ocean Shores, WA

The group photo at the entrance of Olympic National Park

A group shot at Rialto Beach on the western coast of Olympic Peninsula

Rialto Beach view

A view of the Olympic Peninsula coastline

The Hoedls and Fabijanics stop for a picnic along the way

Just one of many images from the Olympic rainforests

While Lee and Di drive, the kids nap in the car - you can see the Fabijanic car just behind the Hoedl car as they tour the rainforests of Olympic

The Hoedls and Fabijanics are resting comfortably at the Ramada Inn - complete with a water park - on Monday night

Saturday-Sunday, August 5-6 - Mt. Rainier to Forks, WA

The Hoedls and Fabijanics at Mt. Rainier National Park - waiting for the guys to climb down from the Mountain

The Hoedl kids sporting their Rainier shirts

The gang leaving Rainier, on to their extended vacation

Hiking in Olympic National Park

The Hoedls and Fabijanics on the trail

Dinner at the Smokehouse in Olympic National Park

Images of the Fabijanic-Gueldner-Hoedl Mt. Rainier Summit

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