Reflections Throughout The Seasons

Patience through the pain
It can never be enough
August 4 - The storm's tempest and the memories that follow
June 8 - The richness of our journey; Thoughts on Being a Dad
May 12 - Running the race: An integral part of our personal story
May 5 - A chance for a little neighborly cosmic perspective
Jan 7 - Continue following the star
Jan 8 - One simple wish from the land of a million wishes
Dec 22 - Solstitium: Remain in the Light as Long as Possible
July 30 - Just a few more steps to the right...
May 7 - Looking beyond the horizon
May 8 - Tracking the magic
May 9 - Sometimes it's nice to know what's inside the box
May 10 - Life and learning, on both sides of the street
May 11 - "A little patience, please?!"
January 22 - And the soul felt its worth
January 23 - We are called to be right-side-outers
January 24 - God rest ye merry, gentlemen
January 25 - Who is the less fortunate?
January 26 - It's now 9:50

December 11 - A prayer for everyday
December 12 - I heard the bells on Christmas Day
December 13 - Oh, bring us some figgy pudding
December 14 - When the Vice Men come calling
December 15 - Aspire to inspire before you expire

December 4 - 120 million and a handful of hope
December 5 - Just to look down where you've been
December 6 - If you don't believe, you won't receive
December 7 - Home for your holidays
December 8 - The zest of youth; the richness of saged living

November 27 - Just look up
November 28 - The trail of the Lamplighter
November 29 - They all have to live in the same box
November 30 - ... they will not forget how you made them feel
December 1 - The seven wonders of the world

Nov 13 - Only 0.135% of potential
Nov 14 - The Naughty Seat
Nov 15 - 3 billion vs. 600 million
Nov 16 - It's a simple matter of physics
Nov 17 - How many years would you like to live?

Oct 30 - HAPPY HAUNTINGS along Life's journey

Sept 11 - What Do I Say? - Remembering 9/11
Sept 12 - "Leave me alone; I just want to be!"
Sept 13 - Changing worlds of cookies and planets

Velociraptors, triceratops, hard tops

My personal best and personal favorite

My cramped but comfy heart
June 20  
Drinking the water of the dinosaurs

The soundtrack in your head

The magic in the Mystery
Do you mind if I interrupt you?

Looking beyond the finish line

May 23

Missed it by a few days

Never in the same place twice

228,571 family generations later...
It's time for a Kresgy Burger


May 16

The Da Vinci Code: Do aliens exist?

Where God guides, He provides

Chromosome 1
Unchartered territory

Whispers of solitude

May 2

Just desserts

15 minutes on the world's stage

It's win, place or show...
If I had to do it all over

A view from on top of the dollhouse

Mar 21

The handwriting on the wall
Your unique creative journey
A penny (or more) for your thoughts?
"That's my heart talking to me, Daddy"

The shipwreck

Feb 14

Loved the wedding...
Gilbert and the Pinewood Derby
An adventure of forgiveness
Citius, Altius, Fortius

From space exploration to school carnivals

Feb 7

One more chance
Create your own canon!
Feb 9   Is your hut burning?

Feb 10

  Welcome again, Winter Olympics!

"It's okay, it's just pretend. It's not real."

Jan 24

Unhappiness has risen in last 10 years
The right person, right place, right time
Looking at the world through baby blues

Gotta go through it...

Jan 10

Ten Keys to Happiness
Faith enough to make real
Just as long as you shine
The worst things you can do to your body

The simple text of our life

Three paths converged in the wooded glen

Nov 22

1/12 of a teaspoon of motivation
The end crusts of your life


...um...uh... happy holidays

Oct 10 oo
Value it and believe it
Oct 11 oo
"It's okay"
Oct 12 oo
Every morning, rain or shine, he's there
Oct 13 oo
All systems go, after all
Oct 14 oo
Still think you're having a bad day?

Oct 3  
In light of the many conversations and lives I have crossed in the last month, I offer this week's Morning Walk; a celebration of the journey we each call Life: IN THIS ONE GIVEN BREATH

Sept 12 oo
It's all about balance
Sept 13 oo
The answer is blowing in the wind
Sept 14 oo
Like moths to the flame, we are drawn to it
Sept 15  
Sunny days and cool nights
Sept 16  
Here comes Autumn

Aug 29 oo
The dilemma of identical luggage
Aug 30 oo
Venturing into the extraordinary
Aug 31 oo
The true gift may very well be in the A.S.K.ing

Sept 01  
A bridge to opportunity... or refuge...
Sept 02  
"Never mind, I found one..."

Aug 22 oo
The easier and harder paths in our life
Aug 23 oo
Surviving the rain showers on the horizon
Aug 24 oo
The passion for the pursuit of the possibilities
Aug 25  
Happy and successful searching, my friend
Aug 26  
Exercising those moral muscles

Aug 15 oo
Expect great things, attempt great things
Aug 16 oo
The eternal mystery of the world
Aug 17 oo
Living on and in the world
Aug 18  
The hardest time to be gentle
Aug 19  
The glorious and dreaded shoelace

Aug 8 oo
It's up to us to fill it
Aug 9 oo
An unused life is an early death
Aug 10 oo
How many unsung heroes are out there?
Aug 11  
Faith is daring the soul
Aug 12  
The grand paradox of imagination and humor

Aug 1 oo
Hide and seek... ready or not, here I come!
Aug 2 oo
At this moment when the magic takes over
Aug 3 oo
Gracious and kind
Aug 4  
Pain is temporary... tend to the scars later
Aug 5  
Tell me who you are

Jun 20 oo
Use the "currency of your soul" wisely, my friend
Jun 21 oo
And the things we'll remember, won't be things at all
Jun 22 oo
That whisper in your heart
Jun 23  
Do something that makes your heart beat faster
Jun 24  
No forgiveness withheld and no anger held within

Jun 13 oo
Living out the answer to the question
Jun 14 oo
I wish the movie would last longer
Jun 15 oo
Affecting millions over thousands of years
Jun 16  
If you want to hunt tigers, go where the tigers are
Jun 17  
Be present through all these moments

May 30 oo
I can't hear a word you're saying

May 23  
Rules For Being Human
May 24  
The end justifies the means
May 25  
If I had my life to live over

May 26

Why is it impossible for a person to starve in the desert?
May 27  
Finding myself on the other end of the pew

May 9 oo
Free will isn't that cheap
May 10  
Ask before tickling
May 11  

May 12

The golden delicious results of your faithfulness
May 13  
Godspeed, Emily

May 2 oo
Simply going with the flow
May 3  
Endless wants and finite needs
May 4  
Take the Satisfaction with Life Scale Assessment

May 5

Eight steps to a more satisfying life
May 6  
What is the difference between smart and wise?

Apr 25  
The difference between a rut and a grave...
Apr 26  
Tomorrow will be ultimately decided
Apr 27  
Try that sushi one more time

Apr 28

Apr 29  
Guests of the cosmos' unfolding

Apr 18  
Living between two worlds
Apr 19  
When the mountaintop takes a turn for the foothills
Apr 20  
A lot of way has closed behind me

Apr 21

A genome responsible for impatience?
Apr 22  

"Is this the party I was trying to call?"

Apr 11 oo
Dropping your special blanket on the pathway
Apr 12  
Keep pedaling or you're going to fall
Apr 13  
To wish the unattainable, and ponder - revisited

Apr 14

The primary failing in our solutions
Apr 15  

The secret to creativity

Apr 4 oo
Out of seemingly nowhere and from nothing
Apr 5  
See past the prize and focus solely on the purpose
Apr 6  
Leave enough energy to chase down the lesson

Apr 7

Sneezed back to 77 A.D.
Apr 8  

Spend some time alone

Mar 28 oo
What's wrong with this particular picture?
Mar 29  
The spirit that birthed the passion
Mar 30  
Choosing only to send the very best

Mar 31

You do not choose your passion; it chooses you.

Apr 1  
"Sir, it turns out you live in Iowa."

Mar 21 oo
LIP 13:4 LIK
Mar 22  
Lessons relearned... and relearned
Mar 23  
The invisible treasure


Mar 24 - Unbroken
Mar 25  
"...there have always been times like these..."

Feb 28 oo
Twilights last gleaming
Mar 1 - "I prayed, and then went to work." 
Mar 2  
Stoplights, crossroads and choices

Mar 3

"Stay home and keep them"
Mar 4  
The Baseball Game

Feb 21 oo
Please slow down so I can keep up with you
Feb 22  
700 thousand leaves and 105 pounds of skin
Feb 23  
Poisonous spiders and flying corks

Feb 24

That's a lot of candles on one cake!
Feb 25  
It may be time to be part of that .1%

Feb 14 oo
What is the right answer?
Feb 15  
It just won't work.
Feb 16  
"I know fifty thousand things that won't work."

Feb 17

Shedding tears speeds up the healing process
Feb 18  
"I think of myself as a little bee..."

Feb 7 oo
Amidst the angry skies, waterfalls and lightning of our days
Feb 8  
It's all on other side of the coin
Feb 9  
The seven wonders of the world


Feb 10 - The one you feed
Feb 11  
I Just Know...

Jan 31 oo
Your destiny will now reveal itself
Feb 1  
The Samurai and the Tree
Feb 2  
No matter about the policy

Feb 3

When was the last time you sharpened your axe?
Feb 4  
He would have been the greatest general of all time

Jan 24 oo
An effort of extraordinary respect and care
Jan 25  
The quest for the magical mustard seed
Jan 26  
"Teach me about heaven and hell!"

Jan 27

Never underestimate the power of a crayon
Jan 28  
Wisdom in two words, one word, two words

Jan 17 oo
You are an Acorn Planter
Jan 18  
When others are not watching
Jan 19  
Seeing the pumpkins and acorns from the Architect's seat

Jan 20

"Can you believe I shared a Twinkie with God today?"
Jan 21  
A starter pack of a compass and a destination

Jan 10 oo
Show up and have a little faith
Jan 11  
This too shall pass
Jan 12  
You call this clever?

Jan 13

Take time to wish upon a start
Jan 14  
Life's treasure are people together

Jan 03 oo
Utterly horrific and unfathomable
Jan 04  
Be gentle... be verrry gentle...
Jan 05  
... and just knowing this is an epiphany

Jan 06

It has all the makings of a great movie
Jan 07  
They found what they were not looking for... alive...

The gifts we want and the gifts we need
Dec 21  
To wish the unttainable, and ponder...
Dec 22  
I choose

Dec 23

That's how much I love you
Dec 24  
His most powerful tools are the simplest

Stop opening the presents and listen
Dec 14  
"It'll never happen to me"
Dec 15  
Hear all the bells, the glad and joyous bells of Life

Dec 16

Growing up by bowing down
Dec 17  
Teach the children...

"I think that I'd rather go back to the we'll see..."
Dec 7  
"I wish I had one-tenth of that energy..."
Dec 8  
Opportunities always look bigger going than coming

Dec 9

It begins in Bari, Italy...
Dec 10  
The Bride's Tree alive in our life

A reminder from the First Parent
Nov 30  
A countdown of kindness
Dec 1  
Should old friends be forgotten
Dec 2  
The Ripple Affect
Dec 3  
The gift of time

Gratefulness slows time
Nov 23  
35,000 genes consisting of 3.2 billion chemical bases
Nov 24  
We become what we love
Nov 25  
In charge of only the actions, not the fruits of those actions
Nov 26  
Our life as a gift to be opened

Separating the essentials from the add-ons of your life
Nov 2  
The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes...
Nov 3  
You are a walking warehouse of seed
Nov 4  
Getting involved in God's dreams
Nov 5  
The secret of your future

Once you know the terrain, it never seems quite so overwhelming
The seeker after truth should be humbler than dust
All because of hope
Oct 14
Do what they do in the picture without paying for it
Oct 15
...intricately contoured badlands riddled with rushing water...

Choose the power of love
The essential vitamins
Drive on through
Sept 9
The Coriolis force
Sept 10
Fading glimpses of what used to be

The rest is just your heart
A glorious and mysterious combination of Life experiences
"Space and time are modes by which we think..."
Sept 2 - A simple and quick quiz for you today
Do what you love and you'll never get fat

It changes everything. Not some things, but EVERYTHING.
One's tongue "print" is unique to each individual person
Right down the galactic street from us
Promise me you won't be alarmed or worried...
Raising the human spirit swifter, higher and stronger

Returning to its birthplace: the 2004 Summer Olympics
Dream Teams gone; "I Have A Dream" Teams take over
New firsts for the Summer Olympic Games
Test/refresh your knowledge of Olympic trivia
The 2004 Games may come to an end, but the spirit lives on