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Smiles and Miles: Running Reflections and Suggestions

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Past Years' Goofy Challenge Videos

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13 Rules of Marathon Training

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A Goofy / Dopey Challenge Training Program Just For You

The annual Disney World Marathon Weekend is comprised of a 5K race through Animal Kingdom, a lively 10K race, half marathon from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom and back to EPCOT, and a marathon through the four major theme parks and ending in EPCOT.

Specifically, the "Goofy Race-and-a-Half Challenge" involves running the half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday - all within the time limits of these races. It is a challenge, a physical and mental demand, an exciting adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime race experience.

And new to the 2014 Disney World Marathon Weekend is the Dopey Challenge: it entails running the 5K on Thursday, the 10K on Friday, the Half-Marathon on Saturday AND the Marathon on Sunday!

If you are running either the Goofy or Dopey Challenge, then you will want to train smart and stay focused. Lee Hoedl's Goofy / Dopey Challenge Training Program is designed to get you to your start line and beyond your finish line.


Looking for a way to stay focused and count down your time or y our family's time to your next Disney race? Download your 20-day countdown calendar here. If you need a larger countdown calendar, copy off more sheets and then you or your family place Disney stickers (found in most craft stores / stores' birthday sections) on each square as you count down to race day!



Tips and Advice

Are you looking for advice and tips to prepare you before AND during your Disney World Marathon Weekend experience? Be sure to vist Timeline Tips and Advice.


Past Years' Goofy/Dopey Challenge Videos - All Along The Race Routes

Are you looking for some motivation to get you started on reaching the starting line of the Disney World Half or Full Marathon? There are miniaturized YouTube videos of the past Goofy Challenge races (Half and Full Marathons) posted so as to provide you with a more global perspective of these unique, challenging and entertaining races and so you are better able to visualize the race routes.

2008-2014 Goofy/Dopey Challenges

Additional Race/Disney Videos

If you searching for some light-hearted motivation to keep you focused on the starting line of your Disney World Marathon Weekend experience, take a few moments to view a few of these videos.

Additional Race/Disney Videos


Disney Coast to Coast Challenge

Do you want the ultimate test in endurance with a Disney twist? Then join the Coast to Coast Challenge! If you complete both the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon or Half Marathon and the Disneyland® Half Marathon in the SAME calendar year, then you will receive an additional medal commemorating your achievement.

Can’t compete in the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon or Half Marathon, but you still want to claim your Coast to Coast victory? Then grab your glass slippers and sign up for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon. If you complete both Disney’s Princess Half Marathon and the Disneyland® Half Marathon in the SAME calendar year, then you too will receive an additional medal commemorating your achievement.

Below is a video taken along the entire route of the 2008 Disneyland Half-Marathon in Anaheim, California.



In addition to the videos posted on this page, there are videos embedded in each webpage within this website. Explore them all and stay motivated!


Disney World Princess Half Marathon

The 2011 Disney World Half Marathon witnessed the mettle and determination of over 13,000 female runners/walkers and a few assorted males/husbands. Congratulations to all these women, young and old, whose fortitude faced 80-degree temperatures and humidity for the coveted Princess Half Marathon medal. A special congratulations to this videographer's wife, Di - and her friend Kari - who completed her first half marathon. You are a princess - before, during and after the race! It was a blast to follow you and be inspired by you along the course!