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When you are prepping your luggage in the next couple of weeks for your Disney World race weekend, consider packing a standard Nalgene (or any straight sided) bottle with all of your other items. It can come in very handy when you are transporting smaller items (i.e. commemorative pins, chapsticks, power cords, many small items, etc.) to and from Disney World.

As well, you can use it while at Disney to:

- serve as your "Gatorade" bottle by bringing single servings of Propel or any other powdered drink - it will save you quite a bit of money - and keep you hydrated before and after your races are done;

- serve as your frozen roller to relax the foot muscles (i.e. in case you are suffering from plantar faciitis); fill the bottle with ice cubes and top it off with cold water - it makes a great roller to place under your arch and roll back and forth after your race(s). It will decrease swelling around your foot and prep you for your next race.

- serve as a frozen "pad" by filling it with ice and rolling it under your hamstrings, quads, back of the neck - it will massage and decrease swelling at the same time.