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The work week is a bustle, the holidays are fast approaching, your aches/injuries aren't healing as well or as fast as you would like and the Disney World Marathon Weekend extravaganza seems just around the corner... and so many questions still rolling around in your head...

"Do I have what I need for race weekend? Do I have my race waiver printed out and ready to go? Are my running clothes color coordinated enough? What if I miss my flight do to weather or unforeseen circumstances? What if I don't set my alarm correctly? What if my camera or IPhone doesn't have enough battery charge? Will I eventually be picked up by the sweepers? Will I be able to complete my race?..." And the questions multiply...

But let me take you to another place for just a moment.

Find one of those early summer days from your childhood that, in a pleasant sense, was and is very vivid for you. Close your eyes and go there and remember everything... the clear skies, warm temperatures, the play and all of the carefree running you did. When you're ready, come back here, just below this picture... go there now and...

How did it feel? How do you feel now? You see, my friend, growing old is mandatory, but growing up is not. From my own mental, spiritual and psychological perspective, we are created to see the world and events with childlike wonder and adultlike wisdom. We marvel at a warm summer sunset, a crisp and color autumn, wonder of Christmas, new fallen snow, and the friendship and love of family with childlike wonder and know, with adultlike wisdom, that these moments are valuable and fleeting.

In the very same sense, you - and we all - will soon march out to the starting line of your race(s) at Disney World. And between now and then, we should look back over all the miles behind us and marvel at them with childlike wonder and adultlike wisdom. We have come so far... so what have you learned about yourself since starting on this journey? What do you hope most to take away from your Disney race experience? Which character (if any) do you hope most to take a picture with? What will you do to celebrate your race experience? To whom will you dedicate your miles and experience? How will you share this experience with your family afterwards?

Make your checklists for your basic packing items, paperwork, and reservations. Get them taken care of and then set them aside. And then ponder on the questions I just posed to you with childlike wonder and adultlike wisdom. Be sure to pack your running shoes for Disney, toe your starting line and start running/walking... and then JUST BREATHE.

When you were a child, you didn't consider all the doubtful and anxious questions this sort of race experience can raise... so don't let those anxious and doubtful questions take away your breath. Address all your worries and anxieties and then put them to rest. Ponder the questions I just posed to you with childlike wonder and adultlike wisdom... get excited... and just breathe. Run/race/walk with childlike wonder and adultlike wisdom and I guarantee you that your Disney race experience will be as much as you had hoped... and so much more... JUST BREATHE.