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With less than 60 days before your special race day, there is most likely a lot of anxiousness and excitement (and concern?) on your part.

"What if I miss a training run or miss a week due to an injury?"

"What if I'm not ready on race day?"

"What if ____________?"

This posting is to help you anticipate some of the aspects of the race weekend you might not have considered and some helpful tips to prepare you mentally and physically. More general helpful tips can be found at Timeline Tips and Advice.


You've already registered and have your placed secured in Disney running history. Congratulations, because by now all races are SOLD OUT. What's next? When you arrive to Disney World you will need to attend the Packet Pick-up at the Jostens® Center and HP Field House at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

All runners are required to attend Disney's Health & Fitness Expo for race number and Packet Pick-Up. You will need to download your personalized race number pick-up card/waiver form online and bring it with you to Packet Pick-Up at the Expo when it becomes available online before the event.

Waivers will be provided approximately one month before the race - check the Disney Marathon Weekend website periodically from now until race weekend to use the online process to print out your personalized race number pick-up card/waiver form. To pick up your race packet, you must bring a Photo ID and your signed waiver. A waiver must be completed and signed by each participant. If the participant is under 18 years old, the waiver must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

It is also strongly recommended that you print out all your race registration receipts (when you registered online) before you leave for Disney World and bring them with your personal items, just in case the Disney World staff can't - for some very odd reason - find your paperwork.


Packing can always be the biggest concern and anxiety-producing aspect of any trip - especially when you are traveling quite a distance to your race. With that in mind, it's never to0 early to begin prepping your luggage.

First of all, I've learned from experience to pack my luggage in two portions: running clothes/gear in my carry-on and all my other clothes/items in my checked luggage. Why? There is nothing worse than arriving to your destination and your clothes (including your running clothes/gear) arrive somewhere else. If your running clothes at least make it to your destination, you have something for race day. And what should you pack? Here's a helpful list to use as a baseline for your running clothes/gear: DISNEY WORLD MARATHON WEEKEND CHECKLIST

One other tip: Be sure to pack your Body Glide, Sport Shield, Gu gels, Clif Blocks or any other race item that you've been using while training. Don't expect to find these items at the Disney Sports & Fitness Expo. And more than likely, in your excitement you will forget to purchase these items at the Expo.


With so many runners and family members attending each annual Disney World Marathon Weekend, it is beneficial to call ahead at least one week prior to your arrival to Disney World to confirm your room reservation. You can call (407) 939-7675 to confirm your present reservation.

If you are planning to eat out a Disney restaurant during the Disney World Marathon Weekend, be sure to make your dinner reservations well in advance (at least 90 days). You may make reservations online at http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/reservations/dining, or by calling (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463.


Over these next several weeks, be sure to remember:

REST - Try to go to bed one hour earlier than you normally do; we typically don't get enough sleep on average. And endurance training adds an extra toll to your body. If you are waking up tired, you're most likely not getting enough sleep (especially on the nights before and after your long runs).

RELAX - Don't fret about race weekend. Should you have questions or concerns, post to your Facebook forums and get answers from your fellow runners or feel free to email me at leehoedl@yahoo.com.

REHYDRATE - During the colder winter months, you may feel like you are well hydrated. Often times it's the colder temperatures that can fool runners. Be sure to be drinking your 8 glasses of water per day (and more on the days of your intermediate and long runs). The holidays are a time of festivities but promise yourself that you'll stay away from too much alcohol during this training season - reward yourself AFTER your Disney World races. Your body will thank you immensely, as alcohol is a diuretic and tends to dehydrate a person.