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After running a marathon or half-marathon, try to keep in mind the so-called “recovery window.” This ALSO pertains to each of your long runs during your training. This is the period immediately after prolonged exercise, when the muscle enzymes are elevated that support glycogen production—the primary fuel your muscles relied on during the race. Therefore, the best things to eat right after the marathon/half-marathon/long run to replenish your muscles’ energy stores are similar to what you ate before it, meaning an emphasis on easily digested carbohydrates.

The sooner you’re able to take in these calories, the more glycogen your body will produce, and the sooner you’ll be returning your muscles to their normal state - consider peanut butter, bagels, fruits and vegetables, water, water, water, yogurt, nuts, etc. Maybe a few things that are a little salty, but don't overdo it with the salt.

During the first 30-45 minutes after you cross the finish line of your race or training run - the prime recovery window - your muscles can absorb 50% more glycogen than at any other time. Research has shown that a little protein - post-exercise - helps your muscles absorb more glycogen (at a ratio 4:1, that means four parts carbohydrates to one part protein). During this time, when your stomach may be still a little unsettled, a good choice would be a smoothie at room temperature - it’s easily digested, has a little protein, and is rich of carbohydrates. Chocolate milk - if you like it - is another great item. Fuel your machine!

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