The woods are lovely dark and deep,
but I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep.
- Robert Frost
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The following miles have been lovingly dedicated to the following individuals and loved ones:


Week of Mar. 23

Dedicated Miles 1614 - ____



To Patty Gerdes, my sister, who recently underwent surgery: to you is dedicated these final miles to achieving the magical 1628 miles (the distance from Fargo to Boston).

After your full recovery, let me be the first one to run/jog/walk beside you on your first 5K. I love you, Sis!



Week of Mar. 16

Dedicated Miles 1579 - 1613



To Tony Boyer and his family; for the everlasting rest of Tony and the ongoing strength and support to his family that are mourning his passing.

To Tami, his wife and my high school classmate: may you find peace in the memories you shared together over these many years.



Week of Mar. 9

Dedicated Miles 1539 - 1578



To Jamie, for a second week of prayers and positive energy. My family's thoughts are with you and your family.

I cannot run enough miles to begin to serve as prayers for what this family needs. So again, I ask you to join me in offering up a personal prayer each night this week. In advance, thank you!



Week of Mar. 2

Dedicated Miles 1503 - 1538



To Jamie, the cousin of a friend of mine. According to my friend, "She [Jamie] fought breast cancer and won that battle just 3 years ago, but now is showing cancer in her lumbar, cervical spine, hips and sternum. Her husband has been having back problems and has had 3 or 4 surgeries in the past 2 years on his back and hips. Needless to say they have been through a ton in the past. They also have 2 small children, Sydney is 5 and Alex is 3."

I cannot possibly run enough miles to begin to serve as prayers for what this family needs. In that spirit, I ask you to join me in offering up a personal prayer each night for the next two weeks. In advance, thank you!



Week of Feb. 23

Dedicated Miles 1463 - 1502



To Dave Turner and his family, for the everlasting rest of Dave and the ongoing strength and support to his family that are mourning his passing.

Dave, at the age of 43, was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced leukemia in October 2008 and the disease progressed so fast that Dave finally succumbed to its grip on Sunday, February 15th.

May God's angels meet you in your journey home, Dave. GODSPEED.



Week of Feb. 16

Dedicated Miles 1421 - 1462



To Cindy Hutchins on her recent operation, that healing is quick and permanent.

Cindy, you are more than just my child's principal - you have become a dear friend that I cherish. Blessings in your recovery.



Week of Feb. 9

Dedicated Miles 1392 - 1420



To Chuck Karnik, who suffered a serious personal accident. May God surround you and your family with His angels and provide you with the strength, faith and patience to heal.



Week of Feb. 2

Dedicated Miles 1356 - 1391



To David Turner and his family, that they are able to find peace and strength in their very very difficult journey that lies ahead.



Week of Jan. 26

Dedicated Miles 1324 - 1355



To Doreen Brown, who is currently going through chemotherapy and battling ovarian cancer. Blessings to you - please realize and remember that you are not alone... ever.



Week of Jan. 19

Dedicated Miles 1299 - 1323



To Helen Meissner, who is currently facing ovarian cancer and struggling through chemotherapy. Prayers to you, Helen, for your journey. It is a journey that is shared by many, so allow your friends and family to support you each step of the way.



Week of Jan. 12

Dedicated Miles 1279 - 1298



To friend and Patient Partner of the 113th Boston Marathon, EJ Spellman is dedicated the Disney World Marathon (Jan. 11). As well, this adventure is dedicated to Lee's shining stars: Leo, Emily, Hannah and Nicholas.


Week of Jan. 5

Dedicated Miles 1230 - 1278



To my soulmate and wife, Diann - thank you, Love, for over 20 years of friendship and 13 years of marriage! The Disney World Half-Marathon (Jan. 10) is dedicated to you, Love.



Week of Dec. 29

Dedicated Miles 1203 - 1229






Week of Dec. 22

Dedicated Miles 1174 - 1202






Week of Dec. 15

Dedicated Miles 1131 - 1173


To 8-year-old Amanda Leininger, who died in a fatal car accident last week. Amanda and her family live in the neighboring area of Fargo and the fatal accident occurred, on the same road I drive each morning, just moments after I took my son Leo to school. Below is a portion of the news article that posted last week.

FARGO FATAL COLLISION: Police release tapes of calls about road rut

Mike Nowatzki, Forum
Published Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Police recordings of phone calls show Fargo Public Works was told about a dangerous rut on South University Drive nearly two days before a fatal crash there last week. The recordings were released Monday by police amid a city investigation into who knew about the rut and when it was first reported.

At 7:50 a.m. Wednesday, a car driven by 15-year-old Jessica Leininger was broadsided. Her sister, Amanda, died at 2:30 p.m. that day at Innovis Hospital.

That accident report hasn’t been completed, although Mayor Dennis Walaker said last week, “The rut caused the accident.”

Meanwhile, police compiled all of the reported crashes from Jan. 1 to Friday on South University Drive between 40th and 52nd avenues. It lists seven total crashes, including Wednesday’s crash and three that mention wheels getting stuck in a rut or track in the 4300 block of South University.


Week of Dec. 8

Dedicated Miles 1096 - 1130



To Albert Dauenhauer, who ventured from this life during this past week, and Leone Clarens (my mother ["in-law"]), who ventured from this life on December 1, 2005. May God send His angels to meet you and celebrate you into His Kingdom.

And to the Gary and Steph Dauenhauer family - may you find peace in the wonderful memories of your father during this holiday season.



Week of Dec. 1

Dedicated Miles 1057 - 1095



To my Uncle ("in-law") Stan, who ventured forward from this life on November 30. May God bring you instant mercy and eternal peace and may God send His angels to meet you and celebrate you into His Kingdom.



Week of Nov. 24

Dedicated Miles 1015 - 1056



To Chuck Ness, a dear family friend.

Chuck, you are more than Di's longtime colleague; you have become a dear friend of our family.

We will keep you in our prayers during this time of uncertainty. May God and all his angels surround you with all the grace, strength and courage needed through and beyond this moment.



Week of Nov. 17

Dedicated Miles 975 - 1014 (Moving past the magical milestone of 1000 miles)



To all American Military Personnel (as well as volunteer programs and Peace Corps programs) stationed domestically and abroad, for their dedication, devotion and service.

As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas in our homes here in the states, it is important to remember all those nameless and faceless souls who work tirelessly to promote and protect humanitarian and democratic processes across this planet.



Week of Nov. 10

Dedicated Miles 943 - 974



To Albert Dauenhauer, father of friend Gary Dauenhauer, who recently experienced surgery to correct an aortic dissection.

Strength to you and your family in the long and uncertain recovery ahead. You will remain in our prayers.



Week of Nov. 3

Dedicated Miles 904 - 942



To John and Sophie Kenney and Kenney Family, dear friends.

May the grace of God surround you in this time of confusion, challenge and healing.



Week of Oct. 27

Dedicated Miles 865 - 903



To Cheryl Jones, my big sister.

For guidance and understanding in the medical challenges that are ahead of you. You remain an inspiration to me.


Week of Oct. 20

Dedicated Miles 826 - 864


To Rusty Ouart, father of Nativity Elementary School students.

Rusty has taken a turn for the worst and remains in need of prayers. He is currently at the Fort Lewis Medical Base in Tacoma, WA (see Week of Oct. 6).



Week of Oct. 13

Dedicated Miles 799 - 825


To Nicholas Hector Fabio Morton, 18-year-old cousin (of a dear friend) who died recently in a bicycling accident [see STAR TRIBUNE article below].

STAR TRIBUNE: Sept. 25: Cyclist, 18, dies after truck hits him in Minneapolis - Last Update: October 2, 2008 - 2:37 PM

A bicyclist who was hit by a commercial truck while riding in downtown Minneapolis Tuesday morning died of injuries suffered in the accident.

Nicholas Hector Fabio Morton, 18, of Minneapolis, was on his bike on 5th Street near Nicollet Mall around 10 a.m., said Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia. Witnesses said they saw Morton riding next to a large truck and when they looked over, he was on the ground, Garcia said.

Morton was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he died.



Week of Oct. 6

Dedicated Miles 762 - 798


To Rusty Ouart, father of Nativity Elementary School students.

Rusty was injured while on mission in Iraq. He is currently at the Fort Lewis Medical Base in Tacoma, WA. Rusty and his wife Marilyn have 3 children, Skylar 10, Brady 8, and Jayden 5.



Week of Sept. 29

Dedicated Miles 735 - 761



To Christine and Erid Uggerud, niece and husband.

Di and I have walked down this same lonely road and we truly understand the pain of your loss. We will continue to pray for God's constant grace and strength for you.




Week of Sept. 22

Dedicated Miles 705 - 734



To Nona and Robert Wood, former college instructors, colleagues and friends.

Strength and hope in the journey ahead for you - you have and will always remain such wonderful mentors to me.



Week of Sept. 15; Dedicated Miles 664 - 704



Week of Sept. 8

Dedicated Miles 623 - 663



To Johanna Clarens, my niece, who has accepted a new nursing position in Colorado.

Congratulations on your new venture and success in your career! You are a super lady and a superstar!



Week of Sept. 1

Dedicated Miles 574 - 622



To all children returning to school, that they may have a successful year - especially those @ Nativity Elementary School and Atonement Preschool.

Special blessings to those families who have tragically lost a child over the summer months. Strength and comfort to you and yours.



Week of Aug. 25

Dedicated Miles 543 - 573 (Including the Disneyland Half-Marathon)



To Markie Noah, a 4-year-old superhero child by any standard; visit Markie at 3rd Annual Mark Noah Balloon Walk for SLOS.

To Leo, Emily, Hannah and Nicholas Hoedl, the joy of my life.


Week of Aug. 18

Dedicated Miles 511 - 542 (Including the Ragnar Relay Great River Race)


To the members of the Assorted Nuts Team of the 2008 Great River Relay: Sue Buchman, AnnMarie Busack, Daren Carlson, Liz Harper, Lee Hoedl, Aurora Jacobsen, Kari Morrissey, Kathy Pals, Shane Quinn, Bill Reinarts, Bill Reinfeld and Sandy Thill.

Visit the Assorted Nuts on their 3rd year of the 217-mile Great River Relay.



Week of Aug. 11

Dedicated Miles 473 - 510


To Dick Clarens, my father-in-law and friend, in celebration of his recent birthday - in many ways we are different, but in so many more ways, we are alike.

Week of Aug. 4

Dedicated Miles 435 - 472



To Scott Nowatzki and Alicia Van Cleve, dear lifelong friends.

In celebration of your wedding on 08.08.08 - many happy years to you and yours!


Week of July 28

Dedicated Miles 398 - 434



To Carol Johansen, friend and administrative assistant at Nativity Elementary School, who went on ahead in her journey last week.

May God welcome you into the Kingdom of endless joy and reward.


Week of July 21

Dedicated Miles 352- 397



To the numerous volunteers and quiet souls who aided in the construction of the Nativity Elementary playground in Fargo, ND; Take a moment to look at their craftsmanship at:




Week of July 14

Dedicated Miles 320 - 351



To Deb Stickney and Family, a dear running colleague.

Strength and peace to you and yours as you face each new challenge that lies ahead. Deb, you are an inspiration to me.



Week of July 7

Dedicated Miles 289 - 319



To Mary Lee Clarens, my sister-in-law, who decided to run and has been training for the 2009 Disneyworld Marathon.

Safe training toward your first marathon, M.L.!


Week of June 30

Dedicated Miles 272 - 288



To Dan Gueldner, former student and now, cherished friend and climbing colleague.

Safe travels in your climbs of Cotopaxi and Cayambe - I wish I could be there with you.



Weeks of June 16 & 23

Dedicated Miles 236 - 271 (Including Grandma's Marathon)



To the Clarens Family - Rick, Ruth, Christine, Rachel, Johanna, Andrea and Laura.

Although I may not have stated it over the years, but you are one outstanding "in-law" family! I'm very grateful to be related to you.


Week of June 9

Dedicated Miles 202 - 235



To the Gerdes Family - Joe, Patty, Abbie and Brady (my sister Patty's family).

Your adventures are just beginning! You are a terrific family, so enjoy each other.


Weeks of June 2

Dedicated Miles 184 - 201



To the Jones Family - Tim, Cher, Justin, Tanner and Taylor (my sister Cher's family).

Blessings to you as your family members mature and grow! You have a terrific family.



Week of May 26

Dedicated Miles 158 - 183


To Dan Hoedl, my big little brother, for being the brother to whom it's easy to look up.

Weeks of May 19

Dedicated Miles 152 - 157


To Nicholas Richard Hoedl, my second oldest son and youngest child (by 1 minute), for being a mirror image of my younger self. Just be yourself and stay centered, wild man!



Week of May 12

Dedicated Miles 117 - 151


To Hannah Mable Hoedl, my second oldest daughter (by 1 minute), for your wonderful and zany sense of humor. Stay crazy, little lady!

Weeks of May 5

Dedicated Miles 87 - 116


To Emily Leone Hoedl, my oldest daughter (by 1 minute), for being such a creative force in my life. Keep seeing that world in a different shape and color, Em!


Week of April 28

Dedicated Miles 49 - 86


To Leo Joseph Hoedl IV, my oldest son and friend, for being a gift and guardian angel throughout all my days. I am so very proud of you, who you are and who you are becoming. Blaze your own trail!

Weeks of April 21

Dedicated Miles 21 - 48



To Mable Hoedl and Leo Hoedl, my parents, for being such important role models in my life and motivators along my journey.


Week of April 14

Dedicated Miles 1 - 20

To Diann Hoedl, my wife and the joy and inspiration in my life - thank you for being there for me through this adventure and along all my adventures. You are my greatest cheerleader!

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