The woods are lovely dark and deep,
but I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep.
- Robert Frost
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About Children's Hospital Boston


Below you will find specific information on how to process online donations, as well as checks and money orders.


First, regardless of how you donate (online, check or cash), your donation is tax deductible. There is no amount too small (or too large) to donate to Children's Hospital and your donation will help ensure that Children's Hospital will always be ready and able to care for kids who have nowhere else to turn.

If you would like to use the convenience of online donation, go directly to my personal fundraising homepage within the Miles for Miracles Team Boston website, Miles for Miracles Team Boston (Lee Hoedl) It is a very simple process, it will accept any amount and will send you an electronic confirmation of your donation (via email).

Children's Hospital Boston is on almost all corporate lists for matching funds, so be sure to check to see if your company does a charitable contribution matching program. Be sure to note somewhere in your electronic or hard copy paperwork, "In support of Lee Hoedl, Miles for Miracles Team Boston (HL0057)." This will ensure that the matching funds are connected to my fundraising efforts.


I realize how many fundraisers arrive at your front door and email account, so please know that no amount is too small to donate. I am appreciative of every cent and every dollar.

In order to donate via check or money order:

  • First, be sure to make out your check or money order to Children's Hospital Boston.
  • Then please send your donation to my mailing address: Lee Hoedl, 6155 16th Street South, Fargo, ND 58104. This process is done so that Children's Hospital Boston can match the donation with the runner raising the funds.
  • I will be tracking and recording all incoming donations on a tracking form and then mailing all checks/money orders - along with the tracking forms - to Children's Hospital Boston, on a regular basis.
  • Children's Hospital Boston will, in turn, process the donations and send out a personal letter to you - thanking you and confirming your personal donation.
  • That's it - it's that simple. Donate online. Donate via check/money order. Either way, it will be recorded and it is tax deductible.


I will gladly accept any and all cash and loose change, regardless of the amount. But know that when you are giving cash or loose change, that you will receive credit for it. How?

The process is rather simple:

  • First, you provide me with any cash or loose change donation.
  • I, in turn, track the amount on a form and then write a personal check out to Children's Hospital Boston - but on the form, you will receive credit for the amount submitted.
  • Regularly, I will mail in all cash donations - in the form of my personal checks - to Children's Hospital Boston.

What will you receive in return for your donation?

  • You will receive a front-row seat to the 2009 Boston Marathon as I bring out the LEECAM once again to record just such a race. What is the LEECAM? Check out the LEECAM's work at the 2008 Disneyworld Marathon and the 2008 Disneyland Half-Marathon.
  • You will also be personally recognized in an upcoming YouTube video for your contribution (not the amount, just the name).
  • You will receive my deepest gratitude and I will dedicate one mile or more of my 1628 miles to you and your family.


Any and all donations can be made online at: Miles for Miracles Team Boston (Lee Hoedl)

Lee Hoedl's 2009 Boston Marathon Miles for Miracles
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