The woods are lovely dark and deep,
but I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep.
- Robert Frost
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About Children's Hospital Boston

Sincere heart-felt thanks to the following individuals/families for their selfless support of the Children's Hospital Boston:

Gary Baker Family
Jeanne Mewes
Jamie and Pat Traynor Family
Rick Nowatzki
Chris Nichols
Barb and Francis Leier Family
Tami and Tony Boyer Family
Mike and Alice Murray
John and Valerie Gladitsch Family
Maryanne Madick
Steve and Cindy Noack Family
Nativity Elementary School PTO
Marion Stoll Family
Tim Bauer Family
Peggy and Todd Mickelson Family
Kathy Pals

Emmet and Diane Kenney Family

Paula and Jim Schuebel Family

Troy Moldenhauer Family
Barb and Kelly Eckert Family
Jake and Breeanna Hook Family
Jim and Nancy Berg Family
Patty and Joe Gerdes Family
Mable Hoedl
Mary and Jim Healey Family
Dan Gueldner
Stacy and Mike Lepine Family
Lois and Stan Stanislowski Family
Kari and Mike Morrissey Family
Keith and Kristi Sherwood Family
Carl and Mercedes Hanson Family
Gary and Steph Dauenhauer Family
Greg and Toni Sweeney Family
Ryan and Kristi Syvrud Family
Mark and Nancy Wolfe Family
Deb Stickney Family
Jean and Cray Eppler
Pat and Ray Meier Family
Bryan and Bridget Binstock Family
Sue and Rick Thoreson Family
Law Offices of Conmy Feste Ltd.
Ron and Delura Anderson Family
Anonymous Donor
Steve and Cindy Noack Family
Kim and Roger Christianson Family
Mark and Gretchen Noah Family
Ron Markwardt Family
Rhoda and Frank Koudela Family
Sue Buchman Family
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Jack Slama Family
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Todd and Lynn Swenson Family
Kathy Skramstad
Anonymous Donor

Any and all donations can be made online at: Miles for Miracles Team Boston (Lee Hoedl)

Lee Hoedl's 2009 Boston Marathon Miles for Miracles
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