Below are two specific lists of equipment/supplies (required and recommended) compiled for the Great River Relay. The first list is Team Equipment; that equipment shared in each team van or between the two team vans. The second list is Individual Runner Equipment; that equipment that you are required/recommended to bring along with you.

Print out this page and use it to serve as your checklist in preparing for the greatest running adventure in your life... well, maybe of 2008. This same checklist can be found as a tab in the Team Excel Spreadsheet.


TEAM EQUIPMENT  (Van 1 - Salted ; Van 2 - Glazed)
"Caution Runner on the Road" Signs Per Van
  SALTED - Provided by Ragnar Relay
  GLAZED - Provided by Ragnar Relay
Reflective Running Vests (required for night runners - 2 per van)
  SALTED - Liz Harper (2 vests - 1 LED light)
  GLAZED - Lee Hoedl (2 vests - 2 LED lights)
First Aid Kit (one kit per van)
  SALTED - Liz Harper; Lee Hoedl (small kits, ice pack holders, etc.)
  GLAZED - Shane Quinn
Walkie Talkies (one per van; for communications)
  SALTED - Lee Hoedl
  GLAZED - Lee Hoedl
Head Lamp / Extra Batteries (required for each night runners)
  SALTED - Liz Harper; Bill Reinfeld
  GLAZED - _______
Digital Camera (one per van)
  SALTED - Lee Hoedl
  GLAZED - Bring individual digital camera (we'll share pictures later)
Digital Videocamera (one per van)
  SALTED - Lee Hoedl
1 Box of 1-Gallon Ziploc Bags (per van)
  SALTED - Lee Hoedl
  GLAZED - Lee Hoedl
3 Rolls of Paper Towels (per van)
  SALTED - Lee Hoedl
  GLAZED - Lee Hoedl
Tape (One per van; Easily removable packing tape or masking)
  SALTED - Lee Hoedl
  GLAZED - Lee Hoedl
2 Large Coolers (One cooler per van)
  SALTED - Bill Reinfeld
  GLAZED - _______
Map/Clipboard/Pens (One per van)
  SALTED - _______
  GLAZED - _______
Alarm Clock (One per van)
  SALTED - Liz Harper
  GLAZED - Daren Carlson
Car Top Carrier (One per van)
  SALTED - Bill Reinfeld
  GLAZED - Lee Hoedl
GPS (One per van) - OPTIONAL
  SALTED - _______
  GLAZED - _______
Course map and driving directions (One per van)
  SALTED - Lee Hoedl
  GLAZED - Liz Harper
Personal Form of Picture Identification / Runner's Road ID
Food and Snack Items (Whatever food can survive in a warm van over two days; bags of apples/oranges; energy bars and drinks; bread, etc.)
1 Gallon of Bottled Water
Sports Drink of Choice
$30 cash for van gas; additional $$ for personal items
Cell Phone and Charger (Minimum, one per van)
Emergency contact information (name, phone number)
Trash Bag (Each runner bring one large garbage/yard bag)
Toilet Paper (One roll per runner)
Anti-Chafing/Blister Creme
Oversized Towel
Sandals or Athletic Sandals/Flip-Flops
Running Shoes and Apparel (Two Pair are Recommended)
Rain jacket
Water bottle/camelbak (One per runner)
Sleeping blanket and small camp pillow (One per runner)
Sunscreen (One tube per runner)
Sweats (For the evening's cool temperatures)
Small round bandaids (to prevent nipple chafing over long runs)
Moleskin for blister prevention
Prescription drugs (not for sharing)
Shower Toiletries (there will be outdoor portable showers)
Toothbrush (one per runner... your own toothbrush!)
Flashlight (One per runner)
POSITIVE AND HUMOROUS ATTITUDE (At least one per runner)

Designed by Lee Hoedl, Copyright 2008